1. What is Physical Therapy?
    Physical therapy is a licensed branch of the health profession that focuses on movement dysfunctions. Physical therapists treat a variety of conditions that can affect different systems of the body, including musculoskeletal and neuromuscular.
  2. What should I expect on my first visit?
    Your first visit will consist of an initial evaluation with Dr. Jann Lawlor or Laura Coyle.  After a thorough evaluation, she will design a treatment plan according to your needs and personal goals.
  3. What types of treatment do you perform?
    A variety of treatment methods, exercises and modalities are used to restore physical function.  Based on your diagnosis, your treatment may include manual techniques such as myofascial release and joint or spine mobilizations, electrical stimulation, traction, low level laser therapy, infrared therapy, iontophoresis, heat or ice therapy, stretching and Pilates/Yoga therapeutic exercises. All patients are given home care instructions to help progress the rehabilitation goals.
  4. How long is each session?
    Each visit is approximately one hour.
  5. Do I need a referral from my physician?
    Although traditionally a prescription for physical therapy is given by your Physician, the state of Florida has “Direct Access” to physical therapy, which means you are not legally required to have a physician’s referral and you have the freedom to choose which physical therapy clinic you want to have your treatment from. After 21 days, a prescription from a Physician is required. 
  6. Do you accept my insurance?
    Turning Pointe Physical Therapy at The Center for Personal Growth is a cash based program and does not bill insurance.

    Non-Medicare Patients: Turning Pointe will provide a superbill to assist patients in the completion of their insurance claim form, which will contain all the information that the practitioner is required to provide. Each patient, not the insurance company, is responsible for payment to Turning Pointe at the time of service.
  7. Do you accept Medicare?
    Dr. Lawlor is not a Medicare provider and does not have the ability to provide any billing for Medicare patients. Turning Pointe does offer safe and highly supervised fitness programs for this age group under the direction of Jann or Laura. However, this service is not billable.
  8. How to I pay for treatment?
    We accept payment via cash, check, and all major credit cards (a 3% processing fee will be incurred with credit card payments).  Payment is expected at the time of treatment.
  9. What should I expect during my first visit?
    Dr. Lawlor or Laura Coyle will perform a one hour initial evaluation in a private room. She will discuss your pain level, lack of mobility or function that you are currently experiencing.  This evaluation will involve certain range of motion, postural and strength measurements in order to develop a personalized plan for you.
  10. What should I wear to therapy?
    Loose fitting clothing which will allow access to the area being treated.  Athletic clothes are most optimal.
  11. May I bring my child with me to my appointment?
    Our policy is that only patients are allowed in the treatment rooms and gym. For safety reasons and to allow us to fully focus on your treatment during the time you are here, please make child care arrangements.
  12. Can I fill out New Patient Forms to bring with me?
    Yes! To print our New Patient form, please click here.  You may complete the forms and bring with you on your first visit.